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Confedrate Memorial Day

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John Napier III has written a fine article on Confederate Memorial Day, in which he tells that at the end of four bitter years of conflict  about 350,000 Confederate soldiers lay dead, scattered throughout Dixie, an area the size of Western [...]

Confederate President’s Inauguration Reception

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Estelle Hall in downtown Montgomery, was the venue for Confederate President Jefferson Davis' Inauguration reception 151 years ago last month. The building still stands, and photos of it in its present condition can be seen on the "Times Gone By" facebook page. You [...]

Confederate Flag Returns To Georgia Fort

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After writing about "rallying around the flags" yesterday, I was surprised to read in this morning's Montgomery Advertiser an article about a Confederate flag being returned to a Georgia fort after it had been in Maine for 150 years.The Yankee [...]

Rallying Around the Confederate Flags

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Five hundred forty five captured Confederate flags were sent to the US War Dept after the War Between the States ended, and the government began cataloging them with plans to return them to their states of origin, according to an article in [...]

Article on First White House in Alabama Magazine

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In the March/April issue of Alabama magazine there is a very nice article on the First White House of the Confederacy with beautiful photography, some by Robert Fouts of Montgomery and  one or more from the Historic American Building Survey..Counting the pictures, the [...]

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