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Jefferson Davis’ Early Years

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Jefferson Davis took a 1000 mile horseback trip with a man named Col. Thomas Hinds to enter St. Thomas College, a seminary in Kentucky. He was seven at the time. On the trip he met Andrew Jackson and stayed at [...]

Jefferson Davis And “Wicked”

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I saw the play Wicked for the third time last weekend. I was so moved by the lyrics. I couldn't help but think perhaps President Davis might have spoken some of these words to Varina when he was put in prison: [...]

“Southern Right Of Secession”

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The Rosemont Plantation website states this about Jefferson Davis:  "mainly due to his leadership, the South fought a war for four years and nearly won. He began with no army, no navy, no industry, no  money and no organized government [...]

Are There Really Ghosts At Gettysburg?

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 When I was at Gettysburg I bought some of these little booklets called "Ghosts of Gettysburg", fascinating reading. What peaked my interest in the subject was that the morning we were going to the Battlefield, I met a woman at [...]

Jefferson Davis’ Memory Still Cherished Today

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Jefferson Davis' memory is still cherished at the First White House in Montgomery, where the Confederacy was born, at the Second White House in Richmond, and at Beauvoir, his last home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In Montgomery we have a "Jeff [...]

Jeffferson Davis, An American Patriot

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Robert McHugh wrote a fine article on Jefferson Davis in the Daily Herald, the Biloxi-Gulfport Miss newspaper, "Jefferson Davis, An American Patriot". . It is good to see someone give this statesman the credit he deserves. The article was presented [...]

John Brown’s Body

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 I mentioned this work by Stephen Vincent Benet in my last blog. Thought some of you might want to order it, if you haven't already got it in your library. I haven't read it in a long time. Have you? [...]

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