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Stories About Our Brave Confederate Ancestors

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 After I mentioned the Battle of Seven Pines last week, a dear friend shared that her great, great grandfather was killed  there, leaving a wife, three small sons and a baby daughter, my friend's great grandmother, who was less than a year [...]

Don’t Forget Our Civil War Contest

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Don't forget to make comments on yesterday's blog about our "contest" to see with whom you would choose to visit.We have already heard from "anonymous" that he or she would like to sit down with Forrest, John Pelham and Marse Robert.Excellent [...]

What Happened After Fredericksburg?

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So, what happened after Fredericksburg? For one thing,  Lincoln in a "nanosecond", replaced Burnside with "Fighting Joe" Hooker. After all, the Union had lost 12,653 men and the South, 5309. One Union soldier is reported to have said "we might as well have [...]

Enter Our Confederate Contest Now!!!

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 Lets have a contest!. Would you readers please name three Confederate soldiers or civilians that you would most like to sit down with and chat with about that time period?   Example: having a drink with Nathan Bedford Forrest might be great fun!!!You [...]

Good News For The Confederates In December

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If you are following the time line of 1862 with me, after the disaster at Antietam, good came for the South in December, at the Battle of Fredericksburg. In November, Lincoln had replaced McClellan with General Burnside, But Burnside didn't last long [...]

Antietem in September of 1862

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On September 15th, 1862 Jackson won at Harper's Ferry, but two days later came the battle of Antietam, when Confederate forces under General Lee were caught by McClellan near Sharpsburg, Maryland. This was the bloodiest day of the war.I have [...]

Time Line for 1862 War Between The States

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Interesting facts: March 1862 - McClellan fired. He ignored Lincoln's requests too many times. Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac  - first naval engagement between ironclad ships. Fought to a "draw"April - Battle of Shiloh. Casualties heavy - what else [...]

Jefferson Davis In Montgomery

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I was looking through the 2011 Reunion Program for the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and saw an interesting article about Jefferson Davis. It says that, as we know, when he was sworn in as provisional President of the Confederacy on [...]

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Crowd gathers to honor Lee on his birthday | The Montgomery ...Anne Tidmore, regent of the First White House of the Confederacy, chats with ... Agreeing with Davis was Anne Tidmore, First White House regent, who used is the [...]

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