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So, Have a Happy New Year With Jeff Davis Punch

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I have printed this before with the permission given by Jefferson Davis's great-great grandson, Bertram Hayes-Davis.It is supposed to have been invented by Winnie for her father's birthday in later years.3/4 cup lemon juice1-3/4 lbs sugar dissolved in water6 bottles (4/5) [...]

First White House Blog Update

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When the end of the year rolls around I like to check the status of our blog.We have had 7,489 hits all time, and 540 last month. Here is a list of the most popular ones:1. Descendants of Jefferson Davis  - [...]

Christmas Traditions in the Old South

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One of the many causes of the War was the difference in the kinds of people who settled in the northeast as opposed to those who settled in Virgina and the Carolinas and later went west and south.The Puritans of New England regarded Christmas [...]

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