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Jefferson Davis Historic Sites

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From our "First White House of the Confederacy" booklet is a list of Jefferson Davis historic sites, compiled by Mrs.Napier. How many of these have you visited? We would enjoy your comments. I have been to several and would very much like to visit [...]

Civil War Christmas Ornaments

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Last year I bought a Christmas Ornament of  "The Gray Ghost" done by Mort Kunstler, as a fundraiser for Timber Ridge School in Winchester, VA. Mr. Kunstler's work is beautiful and I can't recommend enough that you go to the and [...]

Jefferson Davis And His Place in History

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Hudson Strode, who wrote a sympathetic biography on Jefferson Davis, says:" Davis was a Jeffersonian Democrat, dedicated to the principle of States Rights under the Constitution. He had inherited his ideas on politics from his father and George Washington."As the leading Southerner in [...]

Winston Groom Writing About Civil War Battles

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Winston Groom, famous for writing Forest Gump, was in Montgomery recently speaking at an event. Did you know that he has written a fine book about Confederate General John Bell Hood's audacious attempt to vanquish the Union on the western [...]

Devoted Christian Warrior Stonewall Jackson

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General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was well known as a devout Christian warrior. William L. Maughan writes "Christians still study his life of devotion to God in Christ".Maughan writes that in every circumstance of life he saw the hand of God, and every victory [...]

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