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What If Jefferson Davis Had Been Assassinated ?

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I was just wondering, what if Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of American, had been assassinated? Thanks to the Providence of God, he was not brutally murdered like Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy and so many other notable men.But this being said, [...]

Removing Confederate Flag From Capitol

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I had asked in a previous blog about the removal of the Confederate Battle flag from the Capitol Dome. My friend and White House Association member Sue read this and has sent me information from the Montgomery Independent (May 31, 2007), regarding [...]

Jefferson Davis Statue On “Goat Hill”

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At the UDC convention of 1935 plans were approved to proceed with placing a statue of Jefferson Davis on the State Capitol grounds in Montgomery, the first Capitol of the Confederacy. The proposal read as follows: "The projected Jefferson Davis Statue would [...]

Jefferson Davis Lies In State In Montgomery

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 This week someone sent us and we circulated via email a wonderful photo of  Jefferson Davis's casket being taken from the train station to the Capitol building where he lay in state on the way from New Orleans to Richmond. Then one [...]

The Daughter of the Confederacy – Winnie Davis

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Varina Anne "Winnie" Davis (1864-1898) was the second daughter and sixth child, of Jefferson and Varina Howell Davis.  The youngest, she was the only one who was allowed to visit her father in Fort Monroe with her mother, during his two years of [...]

Jefferson Davis Returns To Montgomery

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On "Times Gone By" a History of Montgomery, Alabama, on face book, there is an interesting article from the 1937  Advertiser: Mark Young Give To Fund For Jefferson Davis Statue" I quote from the article: "Mr. Young recalled yesterday that on two [...]

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