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Montgomery During THE WAH

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We are very excited that we are close to printing a booklet by General John H. Napier, III about Montgomery during the Civil War. This article originally appeared in the April 1988 issue of the Alabama Review and will be [...]

The Homes Of Jefferson Davis

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Jefferson Davis is so famous that the places he lived are documented, unlike probably you and me!His first home was in Fairview Ky but while still a small child he moved with his family to Woodville, Miss. Their plantation home was called [...]

Who Really Designed The First Confederate Flag?

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Short answer to the question - we really don't know! We thought all these years that Nichola Marschall, a renown artist who was originally from Prussia, but who migrated to Marion, Alabama, designed the Confederate Uniform and the Flag.The claim is made [...]

Words Memorializing Varina Howell Davis

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Yesterday I quoted the words written on the front and back of the stature of Jefferson Davis memorializing  him. Words are also written on either side of the  stature which I think you will find most interesting as they are about Varina.On [...]

Who Is Buried With Jefferson Davis?

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In searching the Internet for information on  Margaret on Monday I found photographs of Hollywood Cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried. It brought back memories of the afternoon we visited his grave, which is a very peaceful place overlooking the river.Varina and [...]

Old Cahawba and The Land Of Cotton

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I read recently how much cotton was worth during the Confederacy. Goodness gracious, no wonder there was a war. Do you think that most cataclysmic events have as their root greed? Think about it.Yesterday I attended a meeting and luncheon [...]

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