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The Funding of the War Between the States

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I am reading a little book called "101 Things You Didn't Know about the Civil War" by Thomas R. Turner, PhD. In it Dr. Turner talks about how both sides poured millions of dollars into their war machines. He says "the citizens [...]

Jefferson and Varina Davis, The Last Years

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After the War and his incarceration and subsequent release, Jefferson Davis temporarily lost his home in Mississippi, most of his wealth and his U.S. citizenship. The Davis family traveled in Europe and Canada as he sought employment. For a few [...]

Why Jefferson Davis?

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Have you ever wondered why it was Jefferson Davis who was unanimously elected President of the Confederate States of America? According to Hudson Strode, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Alabama, "Perhaps no one in his own time [...]

Portraits Tell Many Stories

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In Mrs. Davis's New York bedroom is a Portrait of Caroline Phelan Beale, dated December 1941. She was our first Regent and her efforts established the furnishings collections of the First White House here in Montgomery. She was the daughter [...]

Freedom Never Free

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A Happy July 4th to everyone! I hope you are "grilling" or doing other fun things today as we celebrate the birth of our nation, still one nation under God, even though folks like the ACLU would like to remove [...]

A Confederate Mystery

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On June 27, 2011 in the Montgomery Advertiser, I read an article that the sunken Civil War submarine,  H.L. Hunley had at last been turned upright. The rotation of the 7-ton, 40-foot submarine to expose a side of its hull not seen since [...]

Why Did A Louisiana Lady Marry A Federal?

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This is a brief funny incident from Kate Cumming's Journal of a Confederate Nurse. She tells about a Miss Womack, who is from Louisiana, and thinks the other states are all very well in their way, but not like LA.Three gentleman [...]

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