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Davis Y Chromosome?

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On the 26th I blogged about Jefferson Davis's genealogy. You may be interested to know that Samuel Davis (1788-1830) is the only brother of Jefferson who has been proved to have had surviving male offspring.There may be other Davis family [...]

Whats Happening At The First White House?

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Lots of good things are going on at the First White House. We have obtained a  beautiful Child's Bed of the 1860 period which belonged to Mary Ann Walton Westcott Riley (1861-1943), and was generously donated by Gerald Thompson II of Birmingham, her descendant, [...]

States’ Rights Meant “Right To Withdraw”

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I mentioned before an SCV newsletter titled "News From the Cradle", George W. Gayle, Editor.  In it are several articles from the Confederate Centennial Edition of the Montgomery Advertiser, Sunday, Feb 19, 1961. One of special interest is by Dr. A. B. Moore, [...]

Genealogy of Jefferson Davis

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One of our most popular blogs was on descendants of Jefferson Davis (Jan 9) so I thought you might also be interested in his genealogy. Now, a disclaimer, the following is according to the Internet, not facts that I have personally checked. According [...]

Jefferson Davis Monument

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It is a real comfort to know that the memory of Jefferson Davis continues in a powerful way in many places. One, of course, is our beloved First White House of the Confederacy here in Montgomery. Another is the Jefferson [...]

Fightin’ Joe Wheeler

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I recently read an article that was in the Montgomery Advertiser, Feb. 19, 1961 reprinted by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans "News From the Cradle", George Gayle, Editor, about General Joe Wheeler.In one of the many battles he fought, [...]

A Good Trick Played On The Yankees

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This is from my friend's great-grandfather's War memoirs: "Sometimes when we located an enemy picket of good size and favorably situated, Captain E. or Captain S. would organize an 'expedition'. Calling for volunteers he would pick out 20 or so. [...]

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