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Mrs. Davis’s New York Bedroom Furniture

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When Mrs. Davis died in the Majestic Hotel in NYC a group of four pieces of furniture from her room was sent to the First White House under the direction of her daughter, Margaret.These include first,  a simple walnut bed [...]

Observatiions on Memorial Day

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Those of us who were "born and bred in the Brier patch" remember that once upon a time, the South did not celebrate the last Monday in May as "Memorial day"  but April 26, which is considered Confederate Memorial Day, a day [...]

Confederate Marker

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 This week the Confederate Marker that marks where the old Confederate Government building stood  was  returned to its former location. It had been taken down when the construction for the Renaissance Hotel was begun six years ago. The marker was originally [...]

Last Capitol of the Confederacy

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On the fateful night of April 2nd, 1865, the same on which General Ewell evacuated the defenses of the capital and General Lee withdrew from Petersburg, Jefferson Davis left Richmond and reached  Danville, VA the next morning, April 3rd. Thus this [...]

Pictures on Facebook

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We have some pictures of our 2011 Sesquicentennial Reception on our facebook page if you would like to look at them. Our facebook is "The First White House of the Confederacy" or you can go to our website which is and [...]

Sesquicentennial Fundraiser Huge Success

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Last evening was the First White House Sesquicentennial Fundraiser Reception with William C. Davis (Jack) and his wife attending from Blacksburg, VA. I am happy to report the event was a huge success in every way!We had a great crowd. [...]

First White House Sesquicentennial Reception Tomorrow

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Tomorrow evening at 5:30 the First White House will welcome guests for our Sesquicentennial Fundraiser and Reception at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, 315 Clanton Avenue.We will serve wine and refreshments and then enjoy hearing William C. Davis, special guest [...]

Anchuca, Standing Proud During the Siege of Vicksburg

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Anchuca, historic mansion and inn, now a Bed and Breakfast,  was lived in by Joseph Emory Davis, patriarchal brother to Confederate President Jefferson Davis after his plantation "Hurricane" was burned by the Yankees.Anchuca is a Choctaw Indian word meaning "happy home" and is one [...]

What Became of The Davis Family Houses?

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Yesterday I mentioned "Locust Grove", the house in which Jefferson Davis' sister lived, near St. Francisville, LA, where Sarah Knox Taylor Davis died. Two other houses that I did not mention, also came into the story of Jefferson and Knox. The first was [...]

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