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Tiny Cemetery Recalls Tragic Love Story

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The small site at Locust Grove with only 27 plots represents an era in Louisiana's romantic history. The cemetery is all that is left of what was once the vast acreage of  Locust Grove Plantation, owned by the family of Jefferson [...]

Devastation In the South – Tornados and War

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Tornados tore through the South yesterday bringing death, destruction and devastation to Alabama and other parts of Dixie. Pictures of Tuscaloosa  show areas that look as if they had been bombed. We grieve for those whose lives have been lost or turned upside-down in [...]

Confederate Memorial Day

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Today, April 26th,  is Confederate Memorial Day (even though the State of Alabama took "yesterday-Monday") as its holiday celebration!!! Regardless, the First White House was open yesterday, April 25th and we hope some of you visited.. We are excited that the Ladies Memorial Association [...]

Correction on Downtown Montgomery Civil War Sites

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Got a little mixed up on my facts in my last blog about the downtown Montgomery buildings. I inquired about these from Mary Ann Neeley, Montgomery's  premier historian, and she has kindly given me the correct information. First, the Inaugural Reception was in [...]

More Montgomey Civil War Sites & Buildings

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In our May 11 blog I mentioned Mary Ann Neeley's Civil War Walking Tour in downtown Montgomery. I mentioned some of the sites we visited, but other important places also need mentioning, and one of them is where the Alabama Confederate Prison was, near the [...]

Photos From The War Between The States

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It is amazing how many photos from the War have survived. Click on and view them. They absolutely take your breath away. Credit goes to Guy DiCarlo Jr. for this display.Here is what he says: "These pictures are very profound. [...]

Ready, Aim, Fire, – 150 Years Ago TODAY

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Its been all over the web, newspapers and television, and we have written much about it on our blog. At 6:45 this morning, reenactors fired a mortar toward Fort Sumter to commemorate the start of "Mr. Lincoln's War," 150 years ago [...]

Montgomery Civil War Connections

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Yesterday I went on a walking tour of Civil War sites in downtown Montgomery, in commemoration of the part Montgomery played during the War. As we all know, Montgomery served as Capitol of the Confederacy for a little over three months [...]

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