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Two books that deal with Civil War Issues

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My friend Dr. Jack Kushner, who grew up in Montgomery and graduated with me from Lanier High School has written two books that deal with Civil War issues. I have mentioned one of them on my blog before, "When Universities Are Destroyed; How [...]

Heros of the Confederacy

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Jefferson Davis was a hero, but maybe more so after the War, than during it, as is so often the case. In his later years, crowds thronged to see and hear him, and as you know, his funeral was reported to be the [...]

Bloody Crimes – Davis and Lincoln

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Have I told you about the fascinating book a friend sent us called Bloody Crimes - The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln's Corpse, by James Swanson? I have not actually been able to read it because [...]

Confederate Battle Cry

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Whenever stories about battles of the War Between the States were told, I always heard about the Rebel Yell, and I wondered what it sounded like. My Dad, in telling tales about the battles told me that his grandpa, a Confederate [...]

Civil War Weapons and the Rebel Yell

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A question on Jeopardy last evening made me look up the Gatling gun on Wikipedia. This got me interested in the weapons used during the "Uncivil" War. According to the web, prior to the war, most infantry tactics were based on the use [...]

Who Really Designed The First Confederate Flag?

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An article in the March 2011 Alabama Living, Dixie Electric Cooperative Magazine, written by John Brightman Brock, tells about making the First Confederate Flag. With the Provisional Congress already formed, a Committee on Flag and Seal was appointed, and citizens [...]

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