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Did You Know This About Jefferson Davis?

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Did you know:That Jefferson Davis was born on a farm in Ky?That he was the 10th and youngest child of Samuel Davis (1755-1824) who was a descendant of a Welsh family that had settled originally in New Jersey, and he was [...]

Time Line Of Slavery

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This "time line" of slavery is, in part taken from a talk prepared by Cameron Freeman Napier in 1993 and updated in 1997.   I have not researched this but found it interesting. She points out that there was slavery, as we know, in Biblical times.  [...]

Western Expansion – A Call to War

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Yesterday I gave the time line for some of the causes of the War, based on a paper Mrs. John Napier wrote and am continung with this line of thinking.She says Western Expansion was one of the major causes of the [...]

George Mason, Early Proponent of States Rights

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George Mason was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. A Virginia statesman, he drafted the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776. He was a leader of those who pressed for explicit States rights and individual rights in the U.S. [...]

What If The Confederacy Had Won The War?

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Haven't we all wondered what would have happened if the Confederacy had won The War? For one thing, we would call it what it was, The War Between The States, not The Civil War.Newt Gingrich recently written a book called [...]

The Making Of The Confederacy

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"A Government of Our Own" by William C. Davis stands as  the definitive treatment of the formation of the Southern Confederacy.Much as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  fascinates us, so does this marvelous book - prodigiously researched and possessing a diverse cast of [...]

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