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Mrs. Davis’ Gingersnap Recipe

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Bert Davis kindly gave us permission to print Mrs. Davis' gingersnap recipe. It is wonderful and I hope you will try it. You need the following:2-1/4 Cup Shortening3 Cups sugar3 eggs3/4 C molasses6  C flour4-1/2 tsp soda1-1/2 tsp gingerstep 1.  [...]

Elegant Varina Enters Montgomery Social Life

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 Perusing W.C.(Jack) Davis's book "A Government of Our Own" I was interested in the chapter that is titled Farewell Montgomery. As you know the Davis family was only in the First White House for a few short months, but Varina made the most of it.Jack [...]

Best Ever New Years Eve Punch

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Are you looking for a great New Year's Eve punch? Well, you just may want to try the famous Jefferson Davis punch. I understand that it was invented by Winnie for her father's birthday in his later years. We received [...]

Jefferson Davis Favorite Chess Pie

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A friend shared that her family used to love Jefferson Davis's favorite chess pie, which is in the family cookbook they called Granny Ward's Chess pie because she is the one who made it the most. But my friend Guin [...]

CSA Days of Commemoration

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With the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War at hand I thought you might like a list of the birth dates of famous CSA figures (actually it was on the back of the JD punch recipe).Sept 7 - John Pelham (called [...]

Jefferson Davis and Bonnie Prince Charlie

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The following is from my childhood friend Richard. I am reprinting it as he wrote it for your information:Richard says "The NY TIMES of the period reported that Davis was captured in women ‘clothes but I would give that report [...]

Civil War Secret Missions Game

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 Civil war buffs and historians who prefer to call that time in American history as the Northern Aggression may be familiar with the Civil War Secret Missions game for Xbox that is growing in popularity. A friend viewed it today on [...]

Jefferson Davis on YouTube

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Have you ever thought about how it would have been if Jefferson Davis had appared on YouTube? The other day on YouTube they videoed a choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a mall food court somewhere. That was amazing.How much more amazing if they had had the internet in [...]

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