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The Man Without A Country

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 Last week I wrote about Brierfield, the Davis plantation near Natchez, MS. When Jefferson Davis was released from prison in May 1867 he was "a man without a country."  He had no salary or savings and no home, because Brierfield had been [...]

“Burying The Dead But Not The Past”

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The title may have caught your attention! I hope so. It is the title of a book by Caroline E. Janney, Burying The Dead But Not The Past, subtitled Ladies Memorial Associations and the Lost Cause. I picked my autographed copy up [...]

More On The Confederate Monument In Montgomery

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On 11/15/2010  we read abut the unveiling of the Confederate Monument on the North side of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. (I guess it was put on the north side so they could watch for the Yankees!)There was a nice comment [...]

Who Was Charles Minnigerode?

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Shortly after President Davis arrived in Richmond he met Charles Minnigerode, rector of Richmond's St Paul's Episcopal Church. Minnigerode wrote about Davis: "our acquaintance thus began, soon grew into friendly intercourse that became closer and closer, till an intimacy sprung up [...]

The Later Years for President Davis

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As you know if you have been reading our blog, Jefferson Davis, the only President of the Confederate States of America, lived in Montgomery at what we now call "the First White House of the Confederacy" for a brief period of [...]

“Jefferson Davis, After Montgomery”

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 We know that President and Mrs. Davis spent the remainder of The War Between the States in Richmond. He had been inaugurated Provisional President of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, the first capital of the Confederacy. On November 6, [...]

Davis Familys’ Sojurn In Montgomery

By | November 17th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Here is the time line on events regarding the Davis's and their time at the First White House of the Confederacy. As you know events unfolded as follows in early 1861:Jan 11 - Ala adopted Ordinance of SecessionFeb 4 - Confederate States OrganizedFeb [...]

Important Events In The Life Of Jefferson Davis

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Jefferson Davis was born June 3, 1808 at Fairview, Kentucky. He moved to Woodville, Mississippi when a small child. He was educated at Jefferson College, Washington MS and at Transylvania College, Lexington KY. In 1824 he was appointed to the [...]

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