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Its Free!

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I read in the Montgomery Advertiser recently that "1500+ museums offer free admission as part of Smithsonian magazine's sixth annual Museum Day."That reminded me to remind all readers that the First White House is free to the public at all [...]

Praise For William C. Davis’ Book

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"A Government of Our Own: The Making of the Confederacy" by William C. Davis stands as the definitive treatment of the formation of the Southern Confederacy, which took place right here in Montgomery, Alabama during the momentous first five months [...]

Recommended Reading

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A good friend, Richard,  who is a real history buff and a "man for all seasons" has just told me to read a book called "Attack or Die" by Grady McWhinney. He also recommends "Outliers"  by Malcolm Gladwell. He says [...]

Preservation Organizations

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The great-grandmother of all nonprofit preservationist organizations is the Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union. The MVLA created the concept in historical preservation that would last for generations. Mount Vernon was Washington's home, not a museum of American history, [...]


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I am going to take a little break from blogging but will blog again on Tuesday. Please don't forget about us!!!Come to visit the First White House; if you can't make it in person, visit the website at - from [...]

A New Museum of the Confederacy

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In less than two years, people driving along the State Route 24 will see flags erected in front of an 11,700 square foot building that will symbolize the reunification of the nation. Today, Sept 23 at 3 pm a groundbreaking for [...]

Where Did Jefferson Davis Attend Church?

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  Have you wondered where Jefferson Davis and his family attended church when they  lived in the First White House? The answer is St. John's Episcopal Church,  a Gothic Revival Church located at the corner of Perry and Jefferson Streets, just a few [...]

And You Think You Have Problems…!!!

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Mrs. Napier, the immediate Past Regent of the White House Association has said many times to people "if you think you have problems just look at the life of Jefferson Davis". And it is true that when we think about Jefferson Davis' life we [...]

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