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Dixie as in “I wish I was in Dixie”

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I ran across a book on called A Little Death in Dixie and that reminded me to look at the origin of the word "Dixie". According to ""Ripley's Believe it or Not" the word Dixie in the beginning had [...]

Why Montgomery?

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 As we reflect on the upcoming Sesquicentennial we ask ourselves, why was Montgomery chosen as the site of the new Government? It was just a small inland river town of 8,000 souls - half of them slaves - and barely forty years [...]

“This Old House”

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The First White House of the Confederacy is approximately 175 years old now, having been built between 1832 and 1835 by William Sayre, an ancestor of Zelda Sayre who married F. Scott Fitzgerald. Having been taken apart and moved and [...]

A Man Of God – Robert Edward Lee

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On Jan 19th we celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday at the FWH. We invite the public to come for a brief ceremony with speaker and then we serve birthday cake. Lee is among the most celebrated generals in American history, equally [...]

Come With Me To The First White House

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When visitors enter the First White House it is as if they were going back in time. They usually grasp the idea that they are involved in a moment of history and they stand a moment in the cool, darkish [...]

Amazing Stories

By | August 22nd, 2010|Uncategorized|

One of the most amazing stories of the First White House has been the extensive restorations we have been through. The first was in 1921 when the House was dismantled in thirds, boards numbered and then moved and restored in [...]

Summer Vacation

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Don't we all enjoy telling about our summer vacations? Usually when we start talking, the other person interrupts with the tale of their own trip! But  today, knowing I won't be "interrupted" I want to tell you about our visit [...]

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